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Tragic Ending lyrics


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     Tragic Ending
    >> Eminem
        yea this is a song about a trgic ending......

    yea i was like 15 when it happend
    by best buddy dave saw it and started clappin
    he said it was good but u need some practice
    it was my 1st freestyle i was rappin

    now i been hated by many for the skills i possess
    but before i get put to rest im gonna give you the best
    because you bought my shit america is my bitch
    and all my fans can shoot themselves wearin bullet proof vests
    but everybody that thinks other than what they should
    could and would get put under the ground for good
    cuz if you fuck with me and if you fuck with d
    or d.r.e then you gonna feel the pain that was felt by me
    mutha fuckas
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